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May 2005 Issue of Photoblogs Magazine

Welcome to Photoblogs Magazine, the online publication created specifically to showcase the work of photobloggers from around the world. Please use the navigation bar on the left to peruse all of our features and content and make sure to subscribe for free so that you can be eligible to submit materials for publication and receive news and updates. Enjoy your stay.

Dear Reader,
Welcome to the second issue of Photoblogs Magazine, an on-line publication showcasing the works of photographers from around the world. The first issue of the magazine was a challenge for all of the obvious reasons; but, like most new ventures, the real test is going about the business of continuing the effort after the newness and excitement have worn off.
For the first issue I hand chose and personally invited the contributors individually; for this magazine I put out the first public call for submissions and had no idea what I would receive. I also had to face the reality of turning down work and disappointing photographers who had enough guts to put their work out for public scrutiny. How pleased I was to receive many outstanding queries, and to be faced with the tough decision of which work to accept.
I gives me great pleasure to present the work of MassimoZishaan, Whit, JohnSarah, and Pablo; all outstanding photographers and photobloggers, to be sure. I’m hoping that their photography, words, and courage to put their work on the line will encourage many more of you to submit work for future issues.
Also with the publishing of the first magazine–in the first two months alone–came 7,000 visitors, 20,000 page views, and 275 subscribers. I was quickly overcome by the amount of work I had created for myself, on top of trying to maintain my own photoblog. Therefore I reached out to others to join the staff and bare some of the work load. Thanks to Charles who took the role of Managing Editor; Jeff, who now shares the magazine design load with me as Page Designer, and the Wonderful Nitsa, who has taken on the duties of everything involved with the Photoblogs Magazine Photo Challenges. It has been, and will continue to be, a rewarding experience to collaborate with my fellow photographers to produce this magazine.
We have many new and exciting features planned for the coming months and, of course, the next issue in July. Calls for submission will begin later this month. I invite you all to subscribe (for free) and to add our link button to your sites, which will make you eligible to submit work to the Critique Page, the Photo Challenges, and future issues of Photoblogs Magazine.
Our hope is to entertain you with this publication, and to encourage you to put images and words together and become part of this exciting, new community.

March 2005 Issue of Photoblogs Magazine

Welcome to the first issue of Photoblogs Magazine, an on-line publication showcasing the works of photographers from around the world. When I put my own photoblog together five months ago I had no idea that I would be sharing my work with an international community of photographers whose images would be so inspiring. So I decided to create this magazine as a venue for those photographers to not only showcase their artwork, but to also put their words to a thematic sample of their portfolio. My hope is that you will be intrigued by their photographs, style, experience, and vision, and visit their blogs for further exploration.
Unlike most on-line magazines, I designed this publication to act, feel, and look like a print periodical. The navigation is simple; no Flash media, animation, or complicated scripting. I would like you to simply enjoy the photographs and the authors’ own words that accompany them.
Photographers Nitsa, CharlesLynn, Peter, and Brita graciously volunteered their work for this first magazine, and I thank them for their involvement. I plan to publish new issues of Photoblogs Magazine every other month, and will be accepting queries from photographers who are subscribers to our publication and display our logo on their sites. Selection for publication will be made by a panel of photographers. If you would like to subscribe to Photoblogs Magazine–whether you plan to submit work for publication here or just want to post your photoblog in support of this type of publication–please follow the “subscribe” link to the left on the navigation bar (your subscription is completely free of charge). In return I will list a link to your blog on our subscribers’ page, send you emails announcing calls for submission, announcing new releases, and other Photoblogs Magazine news. Please be assured that your email address will never be made public, and will never be shared in any way with others. I would also like to invite you to post our link button on your photoblog to help advertise our presence on the web.
Through your subscriptions it is my intention and hope to build a community of photographers who are interested in this type of expository pairing of words and images.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you would like to drop me a line to comment on what you see here, I would welcome your input.
Best Regards,




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