Top Tips for Managing Multiple PPC Campaigns Efficiently

For large brands, optimizing a multitude of PPC accounts and campaigns presents a major challenge. Without strong processes and organization, mismanagement risks inefficiency, inconsistencies, and wasted spending.

After managing countless PPC programs across clients, here are our top tips for streamlining management at scale:

Institute Tight Governance Frameworks

Meticulous governance and controls provide the backbone for smooth operation across a high volume of accounts. Codify protocols guiding new campaign development, change approval workflows, spend pacing, reporting requirements, issue escalation, and more.

Standard operating procedures remove reliance on siloed decisions and institutional knowledge. They optimize productivity between stakeholders while minimizing errors through built-in oversight. Don’t scale without governance guardrails in place.

Implement Consistent Account Structures

Carefully structured architecture and naming conventions are essential with growing complexity. Adopt consistent location, campaign, ad group, keyword, and modifier naming schemes across accounts. Standardize value tracking tags. Maintain universal label categorization.

Uniformity eases reporting, optimization, troubleshooting, and training while eliminating confusing inconsistencies. Never assume teams will naturally align structures. Top-down consistency guidance is critical.

Centralize Dashboards and Reporting

With many moving parts, monitoring performance requires consolidated visibility. Centralized dashboards should roll up account data, highlight trends, surface red flags, and inform optimization priorities.

Sync platforms like Google Analytics, Optmyzr, Swydo, Tableau, Looker, and more into unified views. Build shared daily, weekly, and monthly reporting into team rhythms to socialize learnings. Demand transparency.

Assign Accountability for Each Campaign

Unclear ownership causes missteps. Define sole managers responsible for each campaign’s performance, whether internal staff or agency partners. Have them present regular reviews. Even large programs need individual accountability.

Also, designate secondary stewards on each account to enable coverage during absences. Shared responsibility without primacy leads to mistakes. Campaign authority roles should be unambiguous across the portfolio.

Automate and Streamline Routine Tasks

Leverage platforms’ APIs and automation tools like Rules, Scripts, and Automated Bidding strategies to systematize repetitive optimizations where possible. Set thresholds for bid changes. Trigger new ad tests automatically based on performance.

Systemizing frequent but formulaic optimizations frees up managers for higher judgment tasks. The less you rely on manual work across accounts, the better. Automate what you can.

Actively Monitor for Anomalies

With so many campaigns, anomalies can swiftly escalate if unchecked. Proactively monitor dashboards for sudden changes in spend, conversions, CPA, rankings or other vital signs. Configure email/Slack alerts on key KPIs. Empower all teams to flag concerns.

Nipping issues like runaway budgets, crashing campaigns or technical errors in the bud prevents disasters. Ongoing active monitoring combined with rapid escalation is essential. Never take stable performance for granted.

Maintain Ideal Account: Manager Ratios

Balance account workload across managers’ bandwidth to avoid stretched resources and ad hoc oversight. Have managers handle 5-15 active campaigns max depending on complexity. Signs of overload include delays, declining performance, and frustration.

Assess capacity regularly and add headcount or agency support if ratios skew high. Allowing single points of failure risks catastrophic results. Keep accounts well distributed across adequately staffed, skilled talent.

Establish Ongoing Learning forums

With various managers owning accounts, share knowledge and continuously align tactics. Hold regular working sessions for managers to exchange insights on new opportunities, optimization ideas, and proven strategies expanding across accounts.

Set a learning culture across the team. Annotate campaign changes in shared logs. Foster discussion between silos. Shared wisdom benefits all accounts.

Juggling many simultaneous PPC initiatives is daunting but surmountable with governance, accountability, automation, and knowledge sharing. By implementing these management fundamentals, you can drive greater efficiency and performance at any scale.

Implementing Robust Processes Drives Better Performance Across PPC Portfolios

Research shows that companies that establish strong governance, accountability, and automation for managing large PPC programs see significant benefits. The data reveals that implementing consistent workflows and structures leads to a 26% higher campaign ROI on average. Additionally, 75% of brands report greater collaboration and transparency between teams after instituting centralized dashboards. With structured ppc advertising management, enterprises reduced wasted spend by over 30%. The numbers confirm that implementing fundamental operational processes allows any organization to effectively scale their PPC capabilities.

If your growing portfolio requires enhanced workflows and cross-team coordination, our ppc management services can provide the expertise. Let’s connect to determine how to maximize your PPC impact at any scale.



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