Starfishing In Barrel Racing: What Does It Actually Mean?

Do you know what Starfishing is?

It’s a term that often comes up in the sport of barrel racing. Barrel racing is a riding competition where horse and rider take on an obstacle course consisting of barrels, flags, and other obstacles.

The goal is to complete the course as fast as possible without knocking over any barrels or missing any flags. If you’re not sure what starfishing in barrel racing actually means, then this post will help you.

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What is starfishing in barrel racing?

In starfishing, people push their horses to perform. When the horses are at the top of their performance, the rider spreads their legs. This act is called “starfishing” because it looks like a starfish.

In horse racing, the horse is pushed around to try and make it run faster. The horse has no choice but to keep running even after they are abused.

Why this is a controversial sport

A lot of people think that horse racing is a sport, but it’s not. Horses don’t like this sport. Starfishers and barrel racers say the horses love what they do, but that can’t be true because horses are always being abused in their races.

Starfishing is cruel because of the way it makes horses kick and abuse the horse. It might have been days ago, but I am still struggling to believe that someone can have enough heart to push their beloved horse.

Barrel racing is also cruel. They whip and kick the horses so they will run faster around barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.

Some people say that whipping horses does not hurt them. But it is cruel because they get kicked and whipped to do better.

It’s dangerous for both the horse and the starfisher.

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If we see it from a different way, it’s also dangerous for the starfisher because they are just hanging in the air with only minor support.

The chance of injury is as bright as that of a horse. It may sound harsh, but it’s no less than playing with fire.

A lot of people love to see horses performing in a show. But a majority of people who go to the horse shows, do not like barrel racing or starfishing. These are bad things that you should not do at a show.

Starfishing is not wanted on a large scale, but they still happen. It is probably because if people say bad things about it, then people start to like it.

Or maybe the barrel racers are not being stopped enough. If the horses could speak of how they were abused in starfishing racing, then they would have stopped existing by now.

American Quarter horses are mostly chosen for this extreme sport. Starfishing is a tough sport that you can not do with a regular horse. They’re usually better at it than other types of horses because of their muscles and agility.

How barrel racing has changed over time

There are different kinds as of now. We used to only do figure-eight and cloverleaf pattern racing. Now we have starfishing, cloverleaf pattern racing, O-Mok-See, and pole bending.

Horses that take part in the race retire early because they are often injured, have inflammation, and bruises. Most of them retire at 7 years old.

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Is barrel racing cruel to horses?

It isn’t, as long as it is done with a professional rider and willing horse. The most common way that this sport becomes cruel is when riders are not trained well enough or are overusing whips and spurs.

Is Starfishing bad in barrel racing?

Starfishing and barrel racing is discouraged but it still happen. Or maybe the people who are against the sport aren’t making enough of an effort.

Do horses enjoy barrel racing?

Many people have seen a barrel race and think that the horse is scared into a frenzy. But this is not true. Not all horses turn out that way, it depends on the horse’s personality.

Why do barrel racing horses have tape on their noses?

Horses have tape on their noses to help reduce bleeding after the race. It also helps stop bacteria from getting into the lungs. Horses use this type of tape for other types of racing.

What is the best age for a barrel racing horse?

A horse needs to be five years old to start its career. They need time to develop the basic skills first. A horse learns through pressure from its mouth, leg, seat weight, and voice cues.

Does whip hurt the horse?

Horses might not feel the pain of the whip, but they can still get hurt. They have skin that is resilient. But it can still be bruised and inflamed.


Starfishing is a way of riding a horse where the rider stands up with no support from the saddle. People come to watch and cheer for this person as they ride.

Starfishing is not encouraged as the horses that take part in such sports will be constantly abused. There is a lot of hate towards those who do these things, but this shameful sport still exists.





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