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Photographer: Andrew Morrell • Web Site:

• Location: Shaker Heights, OH, USA

Contact: andrewmorrell (at) mac (dot) com

• Member Since: 1/08/06


Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D), Canon 28-105 USM f3.5 – 4.5 II, Canon 100mm f2.8 macro, Lensbaby 2.0, Hitachi Microdrive 2gb

PM: How did you get involved in photography?

In the most boring way possible – I tripped over my father’s old starter-Pentax. Film was very expensive for me, so I dropped out until the late 90’s, when I went film again. Then, I discovered digital, and combined with Photoshop, I was hooked.

PM: How would you describe your photographic style?

 Ordinary things framed by an un-ordinary eye.

PM: Why do you photoblog?

 I love that the photo is the main subject. The accompanying text is a good support mechanism, but the photo as focal point is a wonderful showcase of web technology meeting photographic artistry.

PM: What are your strengths and weakness as a photographer?

 Weaknesses: I lack the necessary mastery of technical tools; I’m not fast enough to “get the shot”; fear of approaching strangers; fear of uncertain situations.
Strengths: Creativity; Unusual eye for ordinary things; willing to experiment; intelligence.

PM: What do you consider your dream photo shoot?

A glass house filled with clear marbles with 360 degrees of San Francisco late-afternoon light, a Canon Mark II with an 85mm f1.2 lens, with my wife and dog refracted in the marbles.

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PM: What is your background, and what are you doing when you are not photoblogging?

 My background is public radio – for 20 years, I have either worked for NPR stations, or at NPR headquarters in Washington. Music drove me to radio – I’m a drummer – and news and information has sustained me in my career. Hurtling past 40 has focused my desires on photography, and my appreciation for my family has expanded dramatically. I have lived all over the US and now live in Shaker Heights, OH, in the shadow of Lake Erie and Cleveland with my wife Michelle and dog Alex.



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