September Issue of Photoblogs Magazine Now On-Line

Dear Reader,
Two weeks tardy, our fourth issue of Photoblogs Magazine is finally here. The web stats showed a huge spike in our page views on September 1st, so I’d like to apologize to those of you who checked in on time and discovered nothing new. I hope you’ve all found your way back again, and are enjoying the September issue.
Again I am thrilled with our international participation, from Uganda to Bucharest, India to the U.S., and Argentina to Canada; and I’m as pleased as ever to provide this venue for photobloggers to condense a bit of their work and share their unique vision, as well as their informative words, with us. Please, as always, consider this magazine merely a portal to the rich sites of our contributors and subscribers. When you are finished reading the articles in this magazine, please continue on the photoblogs of the authors, and explore their entire bodies of work.
After seven months of publishing Photoblogs Magazine, I’ve decided to make a few changes. It was once my goal to have a wide variety of features in addition to the magazine itself (e.g., critiques, discussion topics, photographic news and headlines, etc.), but I’ve since realized that to build that kind of constant interactivity really takes more of a daily time commitment than I realistically have to offer.
Therefore, I will be concentrating on simply enhancing the magazine itself. Of course I will be retaining the subscriber directory, which I hope is a source of active photoblogs for all of us to discover and explore. In addition I will incorporate our subscriber spotlights directly into future issues of the magazines. I will also spend some time converting the first two issues into html versions, and creating a data base of all materials so that viewers can sort articles by author, date, geographic location, subject, etc. With each future issue, I hope to create an archive of work that represents the vast variety of talent and skill represented by the photoblogging community.
Since we are getting a late start, I will very soon be accepting queries for the November issue (look for an e-mail outlining all of the submission criteria and due dates). I look forward to seeing your creative work, and I thank you again for stopping by.



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