New PM Feature: Subscriber Spotlights

Inspired by a suggestion made by Ali, a group of contributing editors at Photoblogs Magazine have undertaken the task of calling to your attention noteworthy photobloggers who are subscribers at Photoblogs Magazine. This is not a contest or an opportunity for submission. The editors simply peruse the subscribers’ list looking for photoblogs that they feel are noteworthy. We will publish a new spotlight every Wednesday (or thereabouts).
Our first spotlight is Thomas Pindelski. Click here to see his interview, and stop back weekly for more subscriber spotlights.

photoblogs magazine: Help us to get to know you a bit by describing your life outside of photography.

thomas pindelski :
 When not taking pictures, looking at pictures or thinking about pictures I tend my vineyard and listen to Chopin.

 Describe your earliest motivation for taking pictures.

 I wanted nothing so much as to record the world around me, the vibrant streets of London, its wonderful people, its incredible humor.

 What would you most like to photograph given the chance, and why?

 London during the Blitz in 1940, because courage and conviction are values we have abandoned.

 Who most influenced your way of seeing?

 Caravaggio because he saw the details.   Degas because he saw the moment.   Brandt because he saw differently.

 You have a newly published book.  Give us a short synopsis.

 Street Smarts is my newly published book of street photographs. Why street photographs?   It always seemed to me that the genre offered too much that was either humorless or contrived.   Posed pictures trying to pass for spontaneity.   Worst of all, much of the work out there was positively invasive when it came to respecting other’s privacy.   Cameras cruelly stuck in the faces of the poor or destitute. Not for me.   But make it spontaneous and interject a touch of humor and now you have a picture worth taking.



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