Submissions for March 2006 Issue Now Open

Dear Subscribers,
Submissions for the 6th edition of Photoblogs Magazine are now being accepted. The window of time for submissions is December 21, 2005 through January 15, 2006.   Any queries received after that date will be returned and asked to be re-submitted during the next submission window.
Remebmer, you must be a subscriber to submit work. You can subscriber here.
Please follow these directions carefully (we don’t have the time or resources to ask you to revise your query):
We require that you send a query, NOT a full submission:
If you would like to submit work for publication in the next issue please send two (and only two) sample photographs (jpg format no larger than 800X600 200kb) representative of the theme you are proposing, along with a 100 word motivation for your subject or theme of choice. Remember, theme is critical. Subjects such as “people” or “nature” are not acceptable. You must be more specific: i.e., rather than “people”, “migrant workers of Southern California” would be more appropriate; rather than “nature”, “indigenous water fowl of the Everglades” would be more appropriate.
Again, that is:
• two photos representative of your theme (jpg file no larger than 800X600 and up to 200KB) and,
• a 100-word query letter describing your theme in detail.
The Editorial Board will choose five projects for publication (similar in scope to the articles found in the first five issues; please look through the magazine and see if your work would fit well with what you see there).
The Board will also choose one project that is of a more technical nature, having to do with photographic technique rather than expository material.   Please indicate that you are submitting for this particular category. The rest are open to any theme.
The selections will be based on originality, photographic quality, literary quality, and perceived interest in the topic for our audience.
If your query is selected for publication, you will be asked to submit eight photographs and a 1200-word article to accompany them, as well as a 100-word biography and a self-portrait.   Specific details will be given upon acceptance.   These materials will be due no later than February 1, 2006.   Before submitting a query, please evaluate if you are prepared to fulfill these requirements within the time frame.   There will be many future issues of this magazine, and if you are not ready, please wait until you are.
The only requirements to submit a query is that you are a subscriber to Photoblogs Magazine, and that you have one of our link buttons displayed on your photoblog.
We have received hundreds of emails expressing interest in being published in our magazine, so please be understanding of our need to be selective.   Our response will be one of three:
1. We would like to accept your work for publication in the December edition,
2. We would like to accept your work for a future publication (to be specified),
3. We don’t feel this particular material is appropriate for our magazine at this time.   Feel free to submit a new query for future publications.
We will communicate our decision to all submitters no later than February 1, 2006. However, if we are interested in publishing your work we may notify you earlier, so don’t wait until the last minute to submit (all current slots may be filled by that time).
We would like to extend our thanks to all who participate, in advance.
Please submit all queries to:
[email protected]

Bonus Opportunity:
The Photoblogs Magazine Challenge
Hosted by (the wonderful) Nitsa

Photoblogs Magazine is now accepting entries for its photo contest, which is open to everyone and entry is free.
Winners will have their photo displayed here including a link to their website/photoblog.
What am I looking for?
• An original photo (your own work)
• jpg file no larger than 800X600 and up to 200KB.
• Creative images of landscape, urban, nature, travel, still life… and everything else.

Submit your favorite photograph today (and please, just one photo per contest) as an email attachment to [email protected]

Along with your photo make sure to include:
Name –
Location –
Photoblog/website –
Title of image –
Comments about the photograph – (include anything you would like to say about your photo such as location, why you took it or how you took it.    In case you are the lucky winner this text will be displayed along with your photo)

Due dates:
Submit your photo no later than Wednesday February 15, 2006 .
Winners will be announced and displayed in our next issue on March 1, 2006.

Thank You,
The Editors,
Photoblogs Magazine



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