The Photo Challenge

Welcome to the first ever Photoblogs magazine’s photo challenge.

Choosing the winners out of the many entries I received in the last month turned out to be almost an impossible mission. They were all very creative, beautiful and interesting images with great stories behind them. I just wish I could choose them all!

If you would like to participate in the next photo challenge go here for more details.

First place

The Skaters by Bernard Mataigne
Montréal, Québec, Canada

“Winter is long in the north, so there is lot of possibilities to take pictures of winter sport… I like the perpective on this one.” Bernard Mataigne

Second place

Celestial Cycle Luke Winter
North of England

“I shot this in a field I pass by everyday on my way to school; I’d been having an amazing shoot session, probably my first ever hot card, I’d bagged a load of different shots that I thought worked. The sun had set so I was on my way back; the light had gone- no more photos to be had. I don’t know why but I turned round. I’d never seen this angle before and noticed the moon. I shot it off using my knee as support and it turned out to be my best of the shoot. Taught me to always take the last shot, something thats come in handy countless times since. ” Luke Winter

Third place

Let us never forget George J Butler II
Boston, MA

“I was out walking around Boston last year when I decided to stop and hang out at the Holocaust Memorial near Quincy Market. The woman in the photo was walking through it and stopped. As she looked up, I took 2 shots (focusing on the glass)-this one being the best. You can almost feel her sense of bewilderment as to how such an atrocity could have occurred. It has since become one of my favorite photos” George J Butler II

Submitting photos to the photo challenge

Photoblogs Magazine is now accepting entries for its photo contest, which is open to everyone and entry is free.
Winners will have their photo displayed here including a link to their website/photoblog.
What am I looking for?
• An original photo (your own work)
• jpg file no larger than 800X600 and up to 200KB.
• Creative images of landscape, urban, nature, travel, still life… and everything else.

Submit your favorite photograph today (and please, just one photo per contest) as an email attachment to [email protected]

Along with your photo make sure to include:
Name –
Location –
Photoblog/website –
Title of image –
Comments about the photograph 
– (include anything you would like to say about your photo such as location, why you took it or how you took it.    In case you are the lucky winner this text will be displayed along with your photo)

Due dates:
Submit your photo no later than Wednesday June 1 , 2005 .
Winners will be announced and displayed in our next issue on July 1, 2005 .



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