PM Subscriber Spotlight: MOEVIEW

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Photographer: Aaron M. Molina Web Site:

• Location: Duluth, Minnesota, USA Contact: moeview at gmail dot com

• Member  Since: 2/10/06 Equipment: Nikon D70s / Sony F717 / Photoshop 7

PM: How did you get involved in photography?
 When I was 15 I took photography in High School. I was an artist of sorts and I convinced my parents top buy me a film slr camera. I really enjoyed it but being a person with a short attention span and not much in the patients department I left it behind. With no access to a dark room I felt part of the artistic side was in the dark room not at Wallgreen’s. Now with digital being so advanced I can get instant results and do all the editing at home in photoshop.

PM: How would you describe your photographic style?
 I’m not so sure. I have a daughter whom I like to shoot. She is always into something. But mostly I like landscapes and candid shots of daily life. I shoot what I see and I rarely, if ever go out to shoot something in particular. I don’t plan ahead. How can you predict something like that?

PM: Why do you photoblog?
 It’s the best way to meet other people who share the same interest as you. I’ve learned so much from photoblogging. I can post any image and instantly get feed back or compare it with other blogs. I feel good about sharing something so personal with anyone but still there is a safeness to it.

PM: What are your strengths and weakness as a photographer?
Strengths would be my artistic side. I’ve always been involved with art from painting to music. I think I have a good eye for it. Also I am not trained in any sort of way. All I do is self taught and probably wrong but I like what I produce. Weakness would have to be taking more time to learn this craft. There is so much to know and I haven’t come close to all that there is to offer. My new camera is a maze, photoshop is novel written in Chinese? I just learn by doing and that can hinder my work. I’m in no hurry though, this is already fun and fulfilling.

PM: Where do you see photoblogging taking you?
Good question Aaron. I see photoblogging taking me many places. First it will continue to allow me to be creative artistically. For many years I have missed painting and creating other than music. It has made me happy and excited to have a hobby again. Also, I plan to make other people happy and hope to sell some work and or work in this field. Why not. I love what I do and there is no reason that I could foresee that would prevent me from making a buck or two at it. If that doesn’t happen I will still do it. After all I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.

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PM: What is your background, and what are you doing when you are not photoblogging?

 I’m 33 years old with a lovely girlfriend and a light of my life daughter who is 16 months old. I live in Duluth, MN with a wonderful view of Lake Superior. I was born and raised in Northfield, MN and spent 10 years in Minneapolis, MN. I work at a charter high school where I am a jack of all trades. I’m a musician in a band called (if thousands) and have had much success with film soundtrack work and 6 CD’s under our belt. In my free time I like to get outside, hiking, camping. I love music and movies, and spending time with my family.




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