The PM March 2006 Photo Challenge hosted by Nitsa

First Place
“New Tidings by Andrew Esiebo
Ibadan, Nigeria

Image copyright © Andrew Esibo
I took this photo on Christmas day 2004, at the Aflao Beach, Republic of Togo while on holidays there. I was attracted by the little boys swinging around the Canoe and with the sun arising. It gave me a feeling of the rising of new tidings particularly when it was on a Christmas day.” – Andrew Esiebo

Second Place
“San Antonio, New Mexico by Kurt Nimmo
Las Cruces, NM

Image copyright © Kurt Nimmo

 As we drove through San Antonio, a small town on NM 380, the sun was going down and I saw a reflection on a newspaper vending box outside a store, so I pulled off and grabbed my 35mm Pentax loaded with Fuji film and took two or three shots of the scene. ” – Kurt Nimmo

Third Place
“Woman Hiding In Pine Forest by SX-70
Melbourne, Australia

                                      Image copyright © SX-70

(…taken from my diary entry for the shot…) Dear Diary – what’s that saying…’Can’t see the forest for the trees’…? I was out and about and heard a sound of rustling in the forest, a pizzicato snapping of undergrowth, separate and staccato, standing out from the ostinato of the constant ambient white noise of the wind in the firtops…Apart from the trees, I could see nothing specific. Was it my imagination…?…or perhaps the Polaroid 600 film I was loaded up with was affecting me… Unsettled, I snapped in the general direction of the sound and moved on… I am left wondering what she was doing there and why she chose to hide… ” – SX-70

Submitting photos to the photo challenge

Photoblogs Magazine is now accepting entries for its photo contest, which is open to everyone and entry is free.
Winners will have their photo displayed here including a link to their website/photoblog.
What am I looking for?
· An original photo (your own work)
· jpg file no larger than 800X600 and up to 200KB.
· Creative images of landscape, urban, nature, travel, still life… and everything else.

Submit your favorite photograph today (and please, just one photo per contest) as an email attachment to [email protected] Along with your photo make sure to include:
Name –
Location –
Photoblog/website –
Title of image –
Comments about the photograph – (include anything you would like to say about your photo such as location, why you took it or how you took it. In case you are the lucky winner this text will be displayed along with your photo)
Due dates:
Submit your photo no later than April 10, 2006.
Winners will be announced and displayed in our next issue on May 1, 2006



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