March Issue of Photoblogs Magazine Now On-Line

Dear Readers,
It was twelve months ago when I published the first issue of Photoblogs Magazine, and now, six issues later, I am still having fun with this project. I had no idea one year ago what this magazine would evolve into, but as the publication grows, and I continue to make new friends and acquaintances from every corner of the world, I am quite pleased to keep bringing you the work of these talented photobloggers.

Of course, one big change since the last issue of the magazine is that I wiped clean the list of over 800 subscribers, and have requested that our faithful readers re-subscribe for a monetary fee of their own choosing. If you enjoy the magazine, and have the means to do so, I invite you to subscribe here. The funds simply go to offset the costs of bandwidth, hardware, software, time spent on this project, and of course the cost of the adult beverages consumed in said task (plus, for no extra charge, every subscriber gets his/her own splash page, interview, and a chance to be one of the weekly featured Subscriber Spotlights…what a deal!). I thank you in advance.

Of course I’d also like to extend my thanks to SandipJacksonUlrichMaileMassimo, and Nitsa, without whose excellent and inspired international work there would be no magazine. Our travels in this issue take us from India to Korea, Germany to South America, and then north to Canada. As always, it is my sincere hope that you continue onto the personal photoblogs of our esteemed contributing editors to enjoy more fully the scope of their art.

I would also like to congratulate Andrew, Kurt, and SX for winning Nitsa’s Photoblogs Magazine Photo Challenge this month.

Be sure to download the pdf version of the magazine if you’re interested in a more traditional periodical reading experience (and compliment Ulrich on his own spread design and layout).

Please check your email in mid-March for the next call for submissions for the May issue, and consider puting words to your photos and becoming part of our community.

Best Regards,



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