Implement Meaning In Hindi | Implement का मतलब हिंदी में

Find Out What Is Implement Meaning In Hindi | Implement जानिए क्या है इसका मतलब | Translation Of Word Implement In Hindi | To Know About Implement Click Here

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What is the meaning of Implement in Hindi?

Implement Meaning in Hindi is:

  • लागू(Lagu)
  • साधन(Saadhan)
  • उपकरण(Upakaran)
  • शास्त्र (Shasthar)
  • सामान (Saman)
  • हथियार (Hathiyaar)
  • औज़ार (Ahujar)
  • अनुबंध करना (Anubhandh Karna)
  • कार्यान्वयन करना (Karyanvyan)
  • औजार  (Ahujaar)
  • बासना (Bhasna)

Implement Hindi meaning is used differently in different sentences according to the context! Using the word Implement in Hindi becomes slightly different than in English because in different sentences different forms are used.

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Implement का हिंदी में अर्थ

Implement का हिंदी में अर्थ क्या है?

इम्प्लीमेंट  का हिंदी मतलब है लागू, साधन, उपकरण, इत्यादि| | इम्प्लीमेंट  का अर्थ समझना आसान है लेकिन ये अलग अलग वाक्य में अलग अलग प्रकार से इस्तेमाल होता है| इस शब्द को संज्ञा, क्रिया, आदि अनेक तरीकों से प्रयोग किया जाता है|

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Implement meaning in English

What Is Implement meaning in English?

Implement in English means tp put into effect or perform an obligation. It literally means to apply a plan , decision, agreement or rule. Although informally people use the word Implement everywhere on the topic of application or usage. But the correct way of using the perfect form of an Implement to make the correct sentence is mentioned in the examples at the end.

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Translation Of Implement in Hindi

Hindi Translation Of Implement Is

  • उपकरण (equipment, appliance, instrument, apparatus, instrumentation, implement)
  • हथियार (weapon, weaponry, tool, implement, implementation)
  • औज़ार (instrument, gear, weapon, apparatus, instrumentality, implement)
  • अमल में लाना (execution, bring into operation, implement)
  • औजार (implement)
  • परिपालन करना (implement)
  • साधन (means, Instrument, appliance, entelechy, Intermedium, implement)
  • कार्यान्वित करना (carry out, carry into effect, implement, Effect, give effect to, materialize)

If you search for Implement Hindi translation, it will show you लागू. But if you translate a sentence containing Implement to Hindi, it may contain any of the meaning of Implement in Hindi.

In both, you will find that Implement translate in Hindi is different. What Implement means in Hindi is easy to understand but use Implement Hindi translate or say the accurate meaning of Implement in Hindi for that particular sentence, one has to see some examples regarding how to use Implement in Hindi.

Implement ka Hindi Arth

Implement ka Hindi arth kya hain?

Implement ka waise to matlab hai lagu, lekin Implement ka Hindi arth alag alag sentence mein alag hota hain. Meaning of Implement in Hindi to ek hi hai lekin iske bahot sare forms hai jo ise English ke shabd se alag banate hain. Jaise kisi sentence mein lagu use hoga ya kisi mein saadhan. Implement in Hindi ko hum examples se jaada ache se samajh payenge ki kis jagah kaise use krna hain ye word.

Examples Of Using Implement In Sentences

Implement in Hindi as a noun:

Implement meaning in Hindi can be used as a noun as depicted:

#Example 1

These steps are implemented for proper discipline.

ये कदम उचित अनुशासन के लिए लागू किए गए हैं।

(Ye Kadam uchit anushasan ke liye laagu kiye gaye hain.)

#Example 2

There is no implement is here for doing this job.

इस काम को करने के लिए यहां कोई  साधन नहीं है।

(Iss kaam ko karane ke liye yahan koi saadhan nahi hain.)

Implement in Hindi as verb:

Implement meaning in Hindi can be used as a verb as depicted:

#Example 3

The government said that all sponsored schemes would be implemented as soon as possible.

सरकार ने कहा कि सभी प्रायोजित योजनाओं को जल्द से जल्द लागू किया जाएगा।

(Sarkaar ne Kaha ki sab hee praayojit yojanaoko jald se jald laagoo kiya jayega.)

#Example 4

You should implement things that you study in your life.

आपको उन चीजों को परिपालन करना चाहिए जो आप अपने जीवन में पढ़ते हैं।

(Aapako un cheezo ko paripalan Karna chahiye jo aap apane Jeevan mein padhate hain.)

#Example 5

This implement is not useful for this purpose.

यह उपकरण इस उद्देश्य के लिए उपयोगी नहीं है।

(Yeh upkaran is uddeshy ke liye up yogi nahi hain.)

#Example 6

We couldn’t implement this routine in our training season.

हम अपने प्रशिक्षण सत्र में इस दिनचर्या को लागू नहीं कर सके।

(Hum apane prashikshan satr mein is dinacharya ko laagoo nahin kar sake.)

Final words:

This was all about Implement meaning in the Hindi language. Through the examples above one can see how different versions on Implement in Hindi are used in a different sentence. There is no accurate present Implement Hindi meaning. It is used according to the context of the sentence.

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