Elon Musk replies to his own parody Twitter account. Here’s what he says …

Threads, Meta’s new app, is facing a potential legal battle as Twitter has reportedly issued a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg threatening to sue. CNN reports suggest that Twitter accuses Meta of engaging in trade secret theft by hiring ex-Twitter employees.

Amidst the potential legal battle between the two technology giants, a parody account of Elon Musk on Twitter is catching a lot of attention. Interestingly, even Elon Musk has himself replied to the account.

The parody account of Elon Musk on Twitter goes by the handle [Elon Musk (Parody)] and gained 340.2k followers. This account recently tweeted targeting the Threads app, which reads, “I spent $44 billion for this app and now Lizard boy just decided to hit copy and paste. It’s personal now. See you in the cage, Zuck.”

Assuming that the specific tweet has come from Elon Musk himself, it has managed to get 26.1 million views and more than 54.7k retweets. In fact, Twitter owner Musk replied to the tweet stating, “So many people think this account is me 👀.”

To recall, Twitter’s initiation of a potential legal battle against Meta Platforms, alleging that the latter stole trade secrets to develop its new microblogging site, marks the first step in what could be a contentious dispute between the social media giants. However, legal experts assert that Twitter would face significant challenges in pursuing such a lawsuit.

According to a report by Reuters, Twitter sent a letter on Wednesday accusing Meta of utilizing its trade secrets in the development of its latest social media platform, Threads. In the letter, Twitter demanded that Meta cease using the confidential information.

Twitter further claimed that Meta had recruited numerous former Twitter employees who had allegedly kept unauthorized devices and documents from their time at Twitter. Additionally, Twitter asserted that Meta deliberately assigned these individuals to work on Threads.

The filing of a potential lawsuit remained uncertain at this stage. Responding to the allegations, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone stated in a Threads post on Thursday that none of the engineering team members involved with the platform had previously worked for Twitter.



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