Does Eren Yeager eventually die in Attack on Titan? Series ending explained

Eren Yeager, the prime protagonist of Attack on Titan has been a constant topic of discussion among anime fans. Arguably one of the most complex main characters of all time, he is just not like your everyday shonen protagonists like Luffy or Naruto.

Eren’s way of deduction and psyche is not only different but also contrasting from most protagonists. Hajime Isayama’s manga ended with Chapter 139 which is a topic of extensive controversy. Moreover, Eren Yeager dies in this chapter too. Hence, the controversial ending. So keep reading on to know more about Eren’s death and about the ending.

How does Eren Yeager die in Chapter 139?

Mikasa kills Eren yeager
Mikasa’s final blow to Eren (Image via Kodansha, Hajime Isyama)

In the final chapter of the manga, all the members who are against the Yeagerists have finally been able to stop the rumbling. Eventually, it was none other than Mikasa, who kills Eren Yeager by beheading him. Mikasa holds on to his head affectionately as his lifeless body lies in front of everybody. Finally, all the Titans are gone from the world, and everyone realizes that it was Eren, who made it possible. 

The ending of Attack on Titan explained

Eren’s choice

Eren and Armin conversation in Chapter 139
Eren and Armin’s conversation in Chapter 139 (Image via Kodansha, Hajime Isayama)

The final chapter is mostly a long conversation between Eren and Armin in the Paths, in another realm. This is where Eren explains to Armin why did he make those choices, and many other unanswered questions were finally answered by the protagonist. In this realm, Eren has the power to create any scenery he wants, as we see both Eren and Armin gradually growing up from kids to adults throughout the conversation.

The Chapter starts with this setting as Eren assures Armin that no one will attack Paradis anymore as he has eradicated 80% of the world’s population. He reveals that 2000 years ago, founder Ymir just wanted someone to free her from the curse of creating Titans for eternity. Eren adds that finally, that time has come as the person is Mikasa, but does not give any reason for this selection.

He also explains why he misbehaved with Mikasa and Armin earlier, as he was desperate to push everyone away. He wanted them to live as heroes as they will eventually kill him, and stop the rumbling.

Eren’s feelings for Mikasa and the eradication of the Titans

Mikasa and Eren Yeager
Mikasa arrives with Eren’s head (Image via Kodansha, Hajime Isayama)

Eren Yeager admits that he has feelings for Mikasa and how much he loves her. He also says that he did everything to keep her safe. Eren also admits that he also wants Mikasa to keep him in her heart for a long time, as he just wanted to live for Mikasa. 

Now Mikasa arrives with Eren’s head in her hands, crying over his death. It was during this moment when all the Titans turned back into humans. Everyone realizes that Eren’s choice has eradicated all power of Titans from the face of the world. 

Time skip and ending

AoT chapter 139
The peace faction (Image via Kodansha, Hajime Isayama)

In the end, a brief time-skip of 3 years takes place in the manga where we can see Historia celebrating her child’s birthday. The people in Paradis Island have formed an army under the name of the “Jaeger Faction” to fight any remnant threat on the other side of the ocean.

Even though Historia is happily married now, Reiner is seen fawning over her, and Jean over Mikasa, as they along with Armin, Pieck, Annie, and others go to attend a meeting to sign a peace treaty among other nations and Eldia.

Mikasa's last wish
Mikasa’s last wish (Image via Kodansha, Hajime Isayama)

Finally, at end of the manga, we see Mikasa, behind Eren’s grave beneath the tree where it all started. Her sadness was evident even from a single panel in the chapter. Finally, a bird comes, and wraps the scarf around her neck- the only remaining memory of Eren. 


The final Chapter of the manga not only explained all the points from Eren’s perspective but also ties all the loose ends. Although some people still do not agree with Eren’s choice of eradicating 80% of the world’s population, some are there who understand this step- as he just wanted to eradicate the Titans and keep his loved ones safe forever. 

It is true that some of his steps were increasingly cruel. He has killed millions without mercy to fulfill his wish. However, considering the threat level which is removed, it is hard to blame him from a neutral perspective. This just means that there is no right or wrong in this because it was the only solution that was viable.

Eren Yeager is arguably one of the best-written characters in all of anime, as he does not follow the “power of friendship” rule most shonen protagonists love. He made himself the villain, and performed an act of immense self-sacrifice, to make the lives of his loved ones better. The ending is beautiful too, as it captures the emotions Mikasa is going through perfectly. She loved him the most, and still had to kill him. She indirectly freed Ymir from the shackles of eternal captivity, thus ending the rule of the Titans forever.

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