Cyber Insurance in India: What It Is And Why It’s a Must

The number of cybercrimes are rising which means companies are now at risk. There is a risk of data breaches, cybersecurity incidents, ransomware, and much more. 

There are many solutions and tools that could protect your company from these breaches, but then again, it is important for your organization to be very careful. Your competitors, hackers, and all kinds of smart thieves are on the lookout for stealing sensitive information. They could steal it from your system anytime. It’s important to get cyber insurance in India

What is cyber insurance? Why is it a must to get it? Keep reading to know more as we unravel all you need to know about cyber insurance. 

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover? 

When you sign up for cyber insurance, you get cover for any legal fees, the cost of repairing the damage, taking care of the data breaches and handling customers whose data has been breached, recovering compromised data, and the price of restoring the personal identities of all the customers who are involved or affected. 

When a cybercrime occurs, it means that a theft has taken place, compromise has been done, and loss of data which can affect your business in a negative manner. Your customers may lose confidence or trust in your business which means your business would be in jeopardy. 

Thankfully, people can sign up for cyber insurance.

Investing in this insurance can be a super smart way to reduce the risks to your business in case a breach happens in the future. 

Who Should Sign Up For Cyber Insurance? 

Cyber insurance is meant for any business that stores, creates, or manages customer or financial data online. If you have sensitive information such as sales records, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card numbers on your system, there are people who may want to hack all of this and use it for illegal practices

Sensitive information should not leak. But these threats exist, which is why you should be prepared for all the risks and sign up for a cyber insurance policy. 

If you do not take this insurance, there is a risk your company will shut down because customers will have serious doubts, and you might lose a lot of money too. Your company will be in a negative light after any cyber threat. 

What is NOT covered by Cyber Insurance? 

If a cybercrime has already been committed before you took the policy, then this breach won’t be covered. Cyber insurance does not cover any new technologies you may invest in after the breach. 

If the breach is caused by someone within the company, then again, cyber insurance won’t be useful. It could be a fake case to get a claim.

Cyber Insurance Covers The Following Threats: 

There are ten cyber threats that cyber insurance will cover. You will get coverage if there is identity theft, social media stalking, cyberstalking, IT theft loss, email spoofing, cyber extortion, phishing, privacy breach, media liability claims, and malware attack. 

The insurance policy will work for individuals too and for that, you need a single insurance policy. 

Cyber insurance is a must for businesses, especially when you have a lot of data online. If you feel that any of the above cyber threats may be circling you, consider getting cyber insurance today. 

What are the Perks of Getting Cyber Insurance? 

Cyber insurance is excellent for protecting your business against financial losses. It will cover financial losses that may arise due to cyber-attacks. There are some businesses that feel confident they will not get any cyber threats. But, there is always a chance that your data will get hacked, and competitor businesses will try to harm your reputation. 

When you get cyber insurance, you get data recovery costs, legal fees, and any money required due to business interruption. Ask the agent about what is included and what is not before you sign up for the insurance. 

Cyber insurance will also protect your company against reputational damage. That’s what the competitors want  – to harm your company’s reputation. But cyber insurance will cover the costs of the PR company to restore your business’s reputation. 

Cyber insurance can also offer legal support in a cyber threat or attack. It includes penalties and fines coverage, legal representation, etc. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Running a business is not easy. There are too many threats all around. 

It is best if you opt for a cyber insurance policy. Your business will get a safety net when there is damage caused by cyber threats. 

Don’t let your competitors harm your reputation. Don’t let hackers get the customer’s information and misuse it. You need cyber insurance to safeguard your company from all the threats. 




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