Alcohol Addiction Can Damage Your Kidneys: Here’s How

Who says drinking as much alcohol is fun and interesting? Maybe for a night, you feel high and free from all the worries of your life. But continuous use of alcohol can damage your kidneys. Are you willing to live with serious damage for the rest of your life? 


Hold that thought! With alcohol addiction, you need not live with kidney disorders for the rest of your life. You can find a kidney specialist in Delhi and get your body diagnosed. Since you’re here, let us give you a sneak peek at why and how alcohol damages your kidneys. 


Note: a drink on a special occasion has no serious side effects, but excessive drinking is when a person consumes four drinks in a day. It can worsen your kidney condition. The damage may be slow and you won’t even get to know it, but it will affect your kidneys later on. 

Check With Your Doctor If You Are Allowed To Drink At All 

Some people shouldn’t be drinking, especially pregnant women. Older people or someone with a small body should be very careful about alcohol consumption. Even morbidly obese people are told not to drink alcohol considering there are empty calories and weight adds up. 

Your kidney has an important duty – it works like a filter for all harmful substances. And one of the substances is the deadly alcohol. If you are a heavy driver, your kidney has to do double the hard work as a filter. 

There are some people who should not be drinking alcohol at all. Anyone with high blood pressure or someone with an existing kidney condition should skip drinking alcohol in the first place. You need to speak to your doctor if you are fit for occasional drinking also because it may not be allowed given your health situation

What is Alcohol’s Effect On Your Kidney? 

As we mentioned, kidneys have an important function which is to filter waste from your bloodstream. It also regulates the balance of minerals and water in the human body. When a person drinks too much alcohol, their kidneys have to do major weightlifting to filter out the excessive alcohol. 

And there are times when a person binge-drinks which causes acute kidney injury. The question is – Do you want to live with this kidney damage? You’ve got two. If one of them or both of them get damaged, there will be serious complications. And it gets worse when you are a heavy smoker too. 

Sometimes your body does not even showcase the symptoms that your kidney is damaged and then of a sudden, you start getting severe symptoms. Do you want to wait till your kidney gives up? You need to speak to a kidney specialist before it gets too late. Even if it is too late, you need to find a solution and only a specialist can save you. 

Your Body Is Going Out of Balance 

Dear heavy drinker, your body is going out of balance. That’s right! If one part of the body is not in balance (your kidney), then many other parts of the body will stop functioning too. That’s called the domino effect. 

Heavy drinkers are at risk of getting high blood pressure or diabetes. We think that alcohol allows us to escape reality, but it adds more problems like damaging our kidneys and overall health. 

Some people feel the effect of too much alcohol after drinking too much on specific nights. They may feel pain on one side of the lower abdomen. That’s because alcohol makes your body dehydrated. 

So, does alcohol help you with anything? The answer is no. It makes you feel weak, damages your kidneys, blurs your vision and thinking ability, and you end up feeling hungover the next day. It is for you to decide what is good for your health in the long run

Concluding Thoughts 

One thing is clear – if your kidneys are not functioning properly, you will start experiencing other health problems because everything is connected. Ideally, women should not take more than seven drinks in a week. And men should not have more than fourteen drinks in a week. 

But that’s the upper limit – we would suggest not drinking simply because you feel you want to escape reality. Alcohol is not good for your body and you should refrain from drinking too much or too often. 

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, meet a kidney specialist. You need to address the medical situation soon so that it is not too late. 




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