The fifth issue of Photoblogs Magazine is now available, and again I am pleased to present here the work of six very talented photobloggers for your enjoyment. A special thanks to David Shirk and this wonderful portrait for this month’s cover. Please check out his full coverage of the Naadam Festival in Mongolia.
This magazine continues to be a sort of global travel journal, this month starting in Mongolia with David, then heading over to Venice for a history lesson with Ariela Pelaia; then to the unique streets of Kathmandu with Rod Purcell; over to England for a glimpse into the plight of the Romany Gypsies from Fred Chance’s perspective; followed by a trip to Toronto for a look at the flawed beauty captured through the lens of Gary J. Wood; and finally heading south to the Hurricane ravaged Louisiana for a report on the lost pets in the wake of Katrina, as seen by photographer Paul Wood.
As always, when you are through reading the articles, please continue on to the artists’ photoblogs for a closer look at their entire photographic repertoire.
Our call for submissions for the February issue will be forthcoming in a couple weeks, and I direct the attention of future contributors to the articles in this and past issues, and ask them to take note of the specific content focus that our contributing editors employ. Remember that our objective is not to merely showcase photographers, but rather the interesting and compelling subject matter that they capture. I look forward to seeing all of your fine work in the future. Thanks again for stopping by.